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School Song

O Maryknoll, O Maryknoll!
Thy name most honoured be!
"Tis given for the Queen of heav’n
Who shall our model be;
Through whom our school shall lead us,
To follow Christ, her Son.
Who is the centre of our lives,
The guardian of our school days,
We give our lives, our love, our trust to thee
O Queen of Maryknoll, we will forever be true.


Sing praise to her, Sing praise to her,
The school whose life we share,
Whose light shall be for us a flame,
To lead us on to right;
The mother of our future,
From whom we shall carry truth,
To home, to country, to the world;
We call this our first duty,
We shall not fail in this our trust;
For we have pledged ourselves to thee,


O School, we love Maryknoll!


(Led by Dr. Pauline Chan, Sabrina Cheung, Rose Goodstadt, Barbara Hung, Emily Lau, Shelley Lau, Pamela Tan, Abbe Wong, Maura Wong, Maureen Lim Wong, Susan Wong and the Secondary School Choir)